All my cultural references are no longer

Want to know how a fellow knows when it’s time to pack up his copy of The Canterbury Tales, pick up his last handful of markers from Shinae’s cabinet, close up his gradebook before it somehow slips itself on-line? It’s when the cultural references he tosses out expecting to be understood fall on a field . . . → Read More: All my cultural references are no longer

Deontology Recapitulates Teleology

Years ago – and I mean YEARS ago, the phrase that ended all discussion in faculty meetings was “that’s not Quakerly.” Hearing that phrase then was for me like biting down on a piece of tinfoil. (Is that tin foil phrase still applicable, given today’s ceramic fillings? Can somebody check that for me?) One’s vices . . . → Read More: Deontology Recapitulates Teleology

College: Not Just For Students Anymore

As I write this I am sitting in Panera listening to two women talk about their college visits from last summer and their children’s looming college choice. Now, maybe this is a conversation I am picking up half way through, and the topic in the car on the way over was academics, and programs, and . . . → Read More: College: Not Just For Students Anymore

Nobody Really Likes Coffee

Nobody really likes coffee. You can enjoy it, but nobody really likes it. Coffee is like cigarettes; the first one of the day is great, the one after dinner is pretty good. All the rest are just filler, habit, time killers. Silly, really. Coffee is something to hold onto when you are talking to a . . . → Read More: Nobody Really Likes Coffee

News You Can Use

Having written last time about grammar I thought to turn my eyes this week to literature, which makes up one other third of the triumvirate of that with which we English teachers concern ourselves: grammar, writing, and literature. But also interesting tit-bits of information about writers and books. As a teacher I figure my task . . . → Read More: News You Can Use

Grammar Matters


I can’t tell you how many times somebody has stopped me on campus recently and asked “David, what’s so important about grammar?” I could tell you, but then, that would make this a math question, and I’m writing about grammar.

It’s pretty clear that students today have little understanding of even the basics of grammar. . . . → Read More: Grammar Matters

Winter Has Begun


It’s official; winter has indeed begun. Not because we have passed the winter solstice. Not because Christmas has passed, the New Year has been Rung In. Not because the playoffs are here but my Bears aren’t. Again. Not even because classes are gearing up for exams, some at least.

Nope, it’s official because today I . . . → Read More: Winter Has Begun

For the Holiday Season

I realized this morning that in all the days I have been writing these things I have yet to write about books, failed to include a book list for those out there eager to hear an answer to the question “Hey, what’s the blogmeister reading?” So, to answer that question, and because nothing more creative . . . → Read More: For the Holiday Season

Me and Aretha, We Know

I want to say something about respect. I hear often that “everyone is deserving of respect,” and I don’t think that’s true. On one level of course this is true—every person on the planet deserves the same level of respect as a human being as anybody else. This is an issue of ethics, of morality. . . . → Read More: Me and Aretha, We Know

What, Me Worry?

Many are worrying these days about the next four years; here are some of the things I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about:

Whatever happened to the ablative? And is it a case? a tense? a mood?, a voice? And why don’t people understand what I just said?

When’s the last . . . → Read More: What, Me Worry?