Wildebeest Wonders

The Wildebeest is an unusual choice of mascot.  Personally I think that’s wonderful, because Sandy Spring Friends School is not a usual kind of place. If you ever wondered how the Wildebeest found a home at Sandy Spring, I can point you towards a couple of sources. 

One is a tall tale written by the class of 2019, this year’s fifth grade class. ” How the Wildebeest Came to Sandy Spring Friends School” is an exciting yarn about how School founder Brooke Moore and Francis, the LS PE teacher and beloved aftercare guy, saved Sandy Spring from a heard of stampeding wildebeests with their cunning and strength.  We have a copy of it in the library’s collection if you’d like to know more.

This year's US musical, "A New Age"

A primary source can be found in the person of Bryan Seith, who collaborated with then math teacher, Bill Fitzgerald in 1990 to write an original musical,  A New Age,  in which the Wildebeest first appeared on campus. Some of you may remember seeing later productions in Clifton in 1995 and again in 2004.

In honor of the 50thAnniversary, A New Age returns to campus May 17-19!  Come see this wonderful production of a Sandy Spring classic!  Presented in the PAC, and showcasing the talents of our current US students, the Upper School Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 17th-19th

A group of students, parents and faculty, has been working on another wildebeest wonder.  A community sculpture to commemorate our 50th anniversary.  The seven foot tall, multimedia Wildebeest will stand on the front lawn between Scott and Lea Houses.  The basic structure will be made of repurposed steel donated through the Fyes, an alumni family.  Lower School students are making ceramic beads with Kate Santorineos and Upper School Students are fabricating a textile tail for the beest.  The signatures of all students and adults on campus will be included in the sculpture celebrating 50 years of wonderfully unusual at Sandy Spring Friends School.

Keep an eye out: this newest Wildebeest Wonder will be arriving on campus at the end of the school year.

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