The One About Family and the Holidays

LSassembly_MMR_6528We are a Friends School and that means we have our SPICES: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship.

These are important values.  I said that they were our SPICES, but they are universal.  They are shared.  They are ancient and they are contemporary.  They are so basic that we teach them to our four year olds and they are so profound that we can read scripture (books written about the SPICES) over and over and over again and gain deeper understandings each time.  In fact, we will spend our whole lives walking along a path where almost every day we will receive a new hint, a clue, a suggestion, a revelation about how we can make the SPICES (our inner thoughts and feelings) match up with not just what we do all day but how we do it all day.

In this regard, we may, occasionally, disappoint ourselves.  We may do something that makes someone else feel bad.  And when we see that this has happened, we feel even worse.  When this happens and we see that it has happened we can try to make it right.  But what do we do when we have been made to feel bad and the other person doesn’t even seem to notice or care.  I have a suggestion for when this happens.  Ask yourself, is this a minor inconvenience or a major catastrophe.   Because I am older than almost everyone here, I have had more chances to ask myself this question.  Minor inconveniences are not rare, in fact, they happen all the time.  Think of them as bumps in the road.  Or even as opportunities to grow.  Should a major catastrophe happen, tell your teacher, or Tim Croft or Brenda Crawley or another adult. They’ll get right on it!

I wanted to close by sharing what I think are the very best things about this time of year. My favorite is that every single day after the last day of school before winter break will have more day light than the day before and it will be like that for six whole months. That is a gift that we each receive each year just when we most need it.

Another favorite thing, is that my kids come home. Sometimes we have to go get them; now, more and more, they find their own way home.  When we are all home is the only time when I turn my phone off.  They’re here, everything is fine. I don’t need to talk to anyone else.

This time of year is special because it’s when a lot of new movies come out, and on Sunday the whole family is going to see Star Wars.

Besides new movies coming out all the totally silly old movies come out of the drawer under the TV so that we can watch them the same way we watch them every year.  We sit on the coach and wait for the funny parts so that we can laugh the way we do every year.

Let’s all share what we most love about this time of year.  That way we see all that we share in common and we learn about the amazing ways that other families make the SPICES come alive.

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