2016 Holiday Assembly Remarks

The following is taken from Head of School Tom Gibian’s remarks at the All-School Holiday Assembly on Dec. 13, 2016.

mmr_5607_smIt is with great joy that I wish all students, faculty, staff, and the parents who have snuck into this assembly (you know who you are) a most wonderful winter holiday. It is my hope that each of you score lots of family time; include relaxation in your schedule; make and listen to music; play games; bake, decorate and eat cookies while also giving them to friends; travel safely and continue the enjoyable family traditions that may seem odd to anyone hearing about them for the first time but make perfect sense to you.

One of the last things many people do as the year comes to a close is to make a new year’s resolution. I have done this and, typically, my resolutions have focused on some type of self-betterment. Lord knows there is no shortage of possibilities for me even in this one category.

Looking ahead to the year to come, 2017 feels a little different. And so I am drawn to a resolution which is ancient, universal, simple, celebrated, sensible, worthy, travels well, is contemporary, instantly recognizable, does not require you to down load an app, and, best of all, gains potency the more more people do it.

Have you guessed what this year’s resolution is going to be? The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Radical? Definitely. But consider this, it does not require a training manual or elaborate directions, it is developmentally appropriate for all grades, it does not need to be plugged in and it never runs out. So it is my wish that all of you are on both ends of the Golden Rule: giving what you want and receiving that held precious by others.

Have a great Holiday.

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