All my cultural references are no longer

Want to know how a fellow knows when it’s time to pack up his copy of The Canterbury Tales, pick up his last handful of markers from Shinae’s cabinet, close up his gradebook before it somehow slips itself on-line? It’s when the cultural references he tosses out expecting to be understood fall on a field of blank faces. I made a reference to Eddie Haskell the other day; nothing. Evan a colleague in the department didn’t recognize that one. In my attempt at feeling less old than I really am, I offer up the following. I would love to hear from those of you who can, without referring to Lord Google, recognize the following:

  • “You deserve a break today…”
  • The Marlboro Man
  • Mr. Greenjeans
  • “What did the President know, and when did he know it?” (The first time)
  • transistor radios
  • Boris Badanov and Natasha Fatale
  • Eddie Haskel
  • Sgt. Joe Friday
  • Wilbur and Mr. Ed
  • a leisure suit
  • “Tune in, turn on, drop out.”
  • “Only her hairdresser knows for sure.”
  • Shirley Chisolm
  • Panama Red and Thai stick
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  • “Love is never having to say you’re sorry.”
  • Pete, Linc, and Julie
  • Spy vs. Spy
  • Goofus and Gallant
  • Kemo Sabe

11 comments to All my cultural references are no longer

  • Jeff Grim

    I don’t know if you remember me (class of 89, parents withdrew me and sent me elsewhere after my sophomore year, so it has been a while). I am a special ed/social studies teacher. I just turned 47 this summer. I am constantly throwing out phrases from pop culture that my students (and even many of my co-teachers) have no idea where they came from. I think what you are describing it true for any teacher over 30 or 35. So, none of that is proof you are getting old.

    I know most of what you posted, but some I know as history because it happened just before I was born or while I was a young kid, or I know the TV references from syndication.

    That said, I don’t know Goofus and Gallant

    Warning, possible spoilers ahead…

    Not 100% sure:
    Pete, Linc, and Julie. Was that “Lancelot Link Secret Chimp” or from something else
    Panama Red and Thai stick: I’d say varieties of pot, but you were one of my teachers, no way you could be familiar with that 😀

  • Jill F.

    Knew of a lot of these, but then again, I’m my parents’ child! Happened to be reading The Final Days when I saw this… so there you go. Hope you’re well! 🙂

  • I’m with you on all of them, except for “Panama Red.” No clue about that one.

  • Janet Mednik

    I’m with you; all except for “Panama Red.” NO clue about that one.

  • Judy Sperka

    Using my “Jethro Bodine” bowl

  • Robin Hirschhorn

    Just the facts ma’am…

  • Lyn Ostrov

    Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

  • A Thompson

    I missed only numbers 8, 11, 17, and 18…but I am old enough that my parents were able to prevent us from having tv or any screens at all while I was growing up…so maybe that can explain away some of my lack of knowledge???

  • Bill Black

    I knew them all but Panama Red and Thai stick

  • Tom Gibian

    What about “The Full Cleveland”?

  • Tom Gibian

    I can run the table.

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