Upper School Highlights from April 2018

As flowers blossomed and grass turned green in April, our campus has filled with energy from plants and flowers along with Upper School students. Here are some of the exciting things we were involved in the fourth and final quarter of the year:

Varsity Sports
The Varsity Spring Sports teams kicked off a fantastic season. Men’s Varsity Baseball, captained by Mike Britt (’18), boasts wins over Model Secondary School for the Deaf, Spencerville, and Washington Christian. Women’s Varsity Lacrosse, captained by Kate Gearon (’18), Alex Polón (’18), had some tough losses with in-conference games, but they have won a few out-of-conference games. We look forward to their senior game soon. Men’s Varsity Lacrosse, captained by Brodie Stewart (’19) and Jackson Key (’18), have been hardworking under coach Josh’s leadership. They are excited for Tuesday’s game against Maret. The Co-Ed Varsity Track and Field team, captained by Jeremy Mednik (’18), Kevin Ye (’18), Erica Fenton (’18), Thomas Fagiolo (’19), and Kathleen McCullough (’20), has had three meets. They are always looking forward to their next meet on track. Co-Ed Varsity Golf has not had many matches this season, but they are having their meet this Thursday.

Good luck to all the teams with the rest of their respective seasons.

FIA Club’s “Inside the Business World: Entering the Trump Economy: Implications of Tax Reform” Speaker Series Event
The Financial Innovation Analytics Club founded by Haoran Zhu (’18) hosted Aaron Meisner, an alum of SSFS (’84) and Senior Financial Advisor of BOA Merrill Lynch, for their event titled “Inside the Business World: Entering the Trump Economy: Implications of Tax Reform.” Aaron talked about the tax cuts and its impact on individuals, businesses, the stock market, real estate, and the overall economy. Upper school students were actively engaged in the talk and asked thoughtful questions about finance. According to one of the members of the club, “I didn’t expect so many people showing up. The event went really well. The topic was relatable to individual lives, and our hard work paid off.”

Arts & Ideas Field Trip in D.C.
Our Arts & Idea classes led a trip to three art museums in D.C. to explore outside the classroom. They visited the Hirschhorn, Freer & Sackler, and Museum of African Art. Shown here is an artwork we visited and learned about: Monkey’s Grasp for the Moon. It’s based on the Chinese folktale of monkeys trying to capture moon. The work is chain of the word monkey in a dozen languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Braille. The words form a chain reaching down from the branch of a tree to the moon’s shimmering reflection on the surface of a pool lying beneath them, linking arms and tails. The message is that the things we work hardest to achieve may prove to be nothing but an illusion.

2018 Youth Peace Conference
Our Upper School students again hosted the annual student-run social justice and community building summit, YPC, at SSFS. YPC is organized and facilitated by Upper School students at SSFS with support from faculty sponsors and representatives from the Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting Peace Committee. This year’s topic is “Breaking Down Walls,” and workshops included Socioeconomic Status in Education, Sexual Harassment, the Double Standards of Immigration, and Freedom of Speech and Expression.

2018 Intersession Assembly
Our intersession trips had fantastic experiences this year. Local intersessions included, among others,  Food for Thought, Urban Intersessions, and Historical Maryland. A variety of domestic intersessions were also available including Florida Keys, Utah, Oregon, and more. The international trips also caught a lot of interest and included trips to Canada, Italy, Britain, and Cuba. From Canada to Cuba, each trip is filled with opportunities for Upper School students to learn and immerse themselves in a different environment. During the assembly, each group had an opportunity to share highlights of their trips. The slideshows and presentations have shown the variety of things students are involved in and enjoyed doing. Read the 2018 Intersession blog posts and see photos from the trips here.

With Sophomore Olympics coming up, we are excited to move into the last full month of school, including everything that the exciting end of the school year will bring.

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