2015 Middle School France-Spain Summer Trip

June 29:

We concluded our final day in Barcelona and of the trip, before we travel, with a lot of sight seeing. Our travel groups worked together on a scavenger hunt on Las Ramblas, a multi-block pedestrian market with vendors, artists and crafts. The hunt took us all the way to the sea, where there is a tall statue of Columbus.

Following our games, we went to the Picasso Museum, but unfortunately, photos were not allowed. We then had time to explore the area around the Cathedral of Barcelona for lunch and leisure.

Finally, on our way to the Flamenco Dance show, we traversed numerous scenic streets of the city, and ended with dinner at the waterfront.

We travel early tomorrow, leaving the hotel at 6:30 AM Barcelona time.

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June 28:

Our first full day in Barcelona was full of a variety of activities, with an emphasis upon learning about the influence of the architect Antoni Gaudí. We visted Park Güell, which was originally designed as a planned community but is now a park. We also saw the church he began, and which is still being completed, La Sagrada Familia. The more casual afternoon was spent at a municipal park/pool that allowed for some down time. And we ended the day with a paella dinner and some time at the beach. We’re off in just a bit for another full day of Barcelona!

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June 27:

Yesterday was largely a travel day from the South of France to Barcelona, but that’s not to say it was uneventful or boring. We embarked early, and after a few hours on the bus—and let me add that the bus was very quiet—we arrived in the small seaside village of Collioure. It was incredibly scenic, and the students had a wonderful time swimming in the Mediterranean and getting some lunch. We continued on to Barcelona in time to get checked in to our hotel and see some of downtown before our dinner of tapas. After a night of rest, we’re off to see more of Barcelona today.

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June 26: 
We wrapped up our time in France by visiting a few sites in the south. We began by a visit to the town of Nimes. There we toured an ancient Roman amphitheater, learning about the history of the Roman expansion into Gaul, architecture, culture, and the practices of the Roman “games.” From Nimes, we travelled to the Pont du Gard to see and walk across a 2000+ year old aqueduct. Again, the architecture and engineering fascinated us all. Our time there was capped off with an hour of swimming in the Gardon river. The rest of our evening allowed for a relaxing dinner, some free time and a much-welcomed early bedtime. We’re now on our way to Barcelona, but we’ll break up the trip with some swimming in the Mediterranean and lunch. Some photos below:

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June 25: Jonathan writes, “We finished up our second day in Paris with a bus tour of the city, lunch in cafes, and a block of time at the Musee d’ Orsay. We then went by rail to Avignon and got to bed late last night. Here are photos from the day and a few from our luxurious breakfast this morning. ”

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June 24: We just got some more photos of the group from their first day in Paris. Sounds like it was a fantastic one! They’ll have one more day in Paris before heading south.

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June 23, 2015: The group at the Eiffel Tower!










June 22, 2015: The group has landed safely in Paris! Middle School Head Jonathan Oglesbee sends some photos from the plane ride over:

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