SSFS students learn about the world by being in the world. Each Lower School grade goes on field trips and overnight trips beginning in fourth grade. Middle School trips include a sixth grade environmental science and history trip to St. George’s Island in the Chesapeake Bay, a seventh grade trip to Gettysburg, and an eighth grade trip to Assateague Island. Middle Schoolers also have the option of summer language immersion trips to France and Spain, as well as domestic service learning trips.

In addition to the ninth grade camping trip, Upper Schoolers have educational and service-learning trip options every spring through our Intersession program. Intersession is a one- to two-week period in the spring in which the Upper School’s normal routine is interrupted so that all students and faculty can participate in special projects. All Upper School students are required to participate each year. Intersession projects might involve community service, physical activity, arts activity, cultural or informational trips. Recent Intersession trips include: hiking in Death Valley, Costa Rican Ecoadventure, West Virginia Service Project, and cultural trips to England and Italy.

During the summer, some students also take part in service trips in the U.S. or abroad.

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